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China demand for infant milk formula

A2 sees 290 per cent profit surge on China demand for infant milk formula

Unlike some key local competitors, A2 Milk has boasted of “strong growth in demand” for its infant milk formula in China as it posted a 290 per cent surge in interim earnings. Its result also benefited from buoyant demand for its milk products as it pushes into new markets in the US and UK.

Net profit surged to $NZ39.38 million ($36.8 million) in the December half, from $NZ10.1 million a year earlier, the dairy products maker said in a statement to the ASX today.

The company pointed to rising sales in China in the December quarter, indicating strong sales during so-called ‘singles day’ when online Chinese retailer Alibaba fosters a popular sales event.

“Whilst the growth in demand was evident across the half-year, there was a marked increase in infant formula sales in the second quarter corresponding with the phasing of key sales events in China and an increase in market share in both Australia and China,” A2 Milk’s managing director Geoffrey Babidge said.

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“This was achieved whilst maintaining a prudent approach to the management of production and inventory in recognition of foreshadowed changes in regulations for infant formula sold in China.”

Revenues for A2’s infant formula product increased by 62 per cent and 348 per cent in Australia and China, respectively, and with the operating EBITDA doubling and soaring by 1021 per cent, respectively.

The rate of growth in part reflects inventory shortages experienced during the year-earlier period, it said.


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