Mark Schlarbaum

Mark has many years experience in China investing. Throughout Mark’s career he has built a reputation for being able to provide solutions to an array of situations.

Mark is committed to being a prudent, professional and responsible executive operating globally with great reputation. Four principles underlie Mark’s core beliefs:

Mark Schlarbaum at Special Touch

Mark Schlarbaum at Special Touch

Mark Schlarbaum’s objective is to seek to fully understand Chinese business culture.

Mark Schlarbaum understands the importance of mutual trust in business dealings.

Mark is a responsible global corporate citizen, abiding by the laws and regulations of China and other countries and conscientiously fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Mark pursues business and professional relationships based on in-depth research that mutually benefits all parties involved.

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Mark Schlarbaum

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Mark Schlarbaum: Building and Developing business relationships with main land Chinese investment professionals including Chinese brokerage firms, QDIE private funds, Chinese investment management firms. Mark Schlarbaum joins the 100000 Strong Foundation as its supporter.