Mark Schlarbaum

Mark Schlarbaum is a professional equity trader specializing in Chinese Trade Cost analysis and portfolio design.

Mark Schlarbaum at 21ViaNet

Mark Schlarbaum at 21ViaNet.

With an in-depth understanding of Chinese capital markets, Mark Schlarbaum specializes in helping companies and people create China investment strategies.

Mark is available to manage your next project or attend your professional event.

Mark Schlarbaum trains, coaches, and develops the practical and tactical strategies that businesses/people need for asset building and development.

Mark Schlarbaum offers trading cost and desk design consulting services and training in the following areas:

  • Online systems and resources
  • Search engine research and analysis
  • Business coaching
  • Marketing and management

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Mark Schlarbaum is a professional equity trader.

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Mark Schlarbaum

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Mark Schlarbaum: Building and Developing business relationships with main land Chinese investment professionals including Chinese brokerage firms, QDIE private funds, Chinese investment management firms. Mark Schlarbaum joins the 100000 Strong Foundation as its supporter.